After seven years as a window display artist in Minneapolis, Liz took a sabbatical to live and travel in Europe. It was here that she became deeply inspired, emotionally and artistically, by photographing diverse cultures and customs with the back drop of amazing architecture, street fashion and simple pleasures of daily life. Liz missed the U.S. but knew she wanted to embrace and never forget all that she had learned there. She returned stateside, did some research and combined her European life lessons with her past display experience and a new love of photography ... developing a unique service as a freelance Photography Stylist. Her relaxed, yet diplomatic and confidant approach proved invaluable ... traits that led to a career with nationally known ad agencies and photographers throughout the U.S., and to countless locations and enduring friendships.


Her path included a difficult, but rewarding side trip to care for her elderly aunt and mentor in Wisconsin.


After her aunt's death at 10I years young, Liz returned to her home in Edina, where she was ready to go back to work. She wanted to develop a business that fueled her creative side with challenge and fun, yet offered a positive purpose in others' lives. Liz noticed more and more neighbors, friends, and strangers on their phones ... rushing, constantly trying to catch up to ... what? She didn't know. By simple, yet studied observation she came to the conclusion that lots of people want CALM but can't find it.


By applying keen organizational skills combined with her design expertise she could offer a service that would create calm from chaos. Liz loves simple styling, effortless spaces to relax, laugh and enjoy family and friends. 


And it all begins at home ... which for Liz is now in Tucson, Arizona where she offers her services to both the private sector and advertising community.

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