"If you are looking for a

home organizer that goes above and

beyond ... contact Liz Roemer.

Liz just worked in my home rearranging and

organizing my daughter's bedroom, my room and

our living room. Not only does she rearrange and organize ... she shops too! My daughter was thrilled when she got home from spring break and saw her room!"


- Jolene C.

"If you need help with

home organization I recommend you contact Liz Roemer. Liz recently

finished my daughters room and we love it! The result is functional and

fun - perfect for my soon-to-be middle schooler. Liz created organization in her

drawers and shelves that will be easy for my 11-year old to maintain. Her background in fashion and style definitely came through with her skill at mixing the old with the new for a fresh new look. Liz is a pleasure to work with, on time, within budget."  


- Jodi B.

"I wanted to recommend a woman who came to my

house last week. Liz Roemer came and walked through our house and gave

great suggestions of what we needed. She is a total problem solver and went above and

beyond, advertising and interviewing other people for a couple of jobs we needed help with, handing me vetted candidates that have worked out wonderfully. It was so useful to have a fresh eye evaluate our systems and make suggestions for improvements. I don't want to be dramatic, but so far it's kind of life changing! She was recommended by two other friends, and I'm very grateful they shared her name with me, so now I'm sharing with you!"


- Felicity B.

"Liz was recommended to me by my niece. I am a decorating

challenged male, who has plenty of stuff but not arranged well. I provided Liz guidance

to use as much of what I already had to create a comfortable living space. She complied with my requirements very well. The items added were good fits for what I already had. I like that she was able to size me up and determine what type of decorating strategy would work well for me. If I did not like something she was always willing to work with me to find something else. I also appreciated that she incorporated many pieces of furniture that I inherited from my parents, with an updated and appropriate look. Her flexible approach fit well with my wishes. I recommend Liz as a practical

and creative consultant."  


- Bill V.

"Liz has an amazing talent

for design and decorating. After spending

a short time at my house and visiting with me, she

began to work her "magic". Liz briefly met my husband

and immediately had a feel for our personalities, passions

and priorities. She decorated our bedroom beautifully!! We feel like we are living at an oceanfront spa each and every night we walk into our bedroom. I then asked Liz to work on decorating our guest bedroom/office space. She again came up with some great ideas and quoted the project. At one point I felt like it was foolish to pay someone to shop and decorate for me. I thought about doing the work myself. I am so glad that I didn't! The things that Liz purchased and the way that she designed the room is incredible. I know that I would have never purchased the items that she did and would never get the space to have the feel and usefulness that it does. Liz has a gift for design and decorating and more importantly, she is an

amazing person."


‚Äč- Tami S.

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